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"Pilates can be described as 3 words, stretch with strength and control, and the control part is the most important, because that's what makes you use your mind!" - Romana Kry┼╝anowska.

Flying Pilates was developed in 2012 by the Hamburg-based Pilates and personal trainer Sonja Ehrlich. It combines the benefits of suspension and functional training with the unique movement of Pilates.

The result is a completely new training method that raises body awareness, flexibility and strength to a new level.

The classes include work with special equipment which helps to:

  • decompress tight joints
  • relieve pressure in vertebral alignment
  • increase physical awareness
  • strengthen the core
  •  Increase joint rotation and mobility
  •  improve mental wellbeing

A good session will refresh and energize, massaging your body from the inside out